Ninja Pants’ own Marisol Lazaro continues the coverage of All Good Things… by titofelix:

titofelixAll Good Things… (2006) – The Good Guys Dojo, Indie Rock

Titofelix’s All Good Things… is definitely full of the catchy and upbeat songs a pop punk band should have. Their first song, “A Way to Everything” appropriately starts out the album. Like many of the other songs in the album, a tale of conflict and ambivalence over a significant other lie beneath the lively energy of “A Way to Everything”. Titofelix’s lyrics are meditative, reflective, thoughtful: “If we’re destined to drown/ Then I suggest we take a minute/To enjoy this bittersweet descendence/ I could tell you the truth tonight if I could find it myself” (“Me, You and Her Hammock”) Each song has a significantly different feel of its own, and yet each has a common familiarity. I would say each song exhibits different combinations of indie, pop-punk, and alternative. Compare the catchy style of “A Way to Everything” to the more indie “Exquisiteness” to the playful, beatlicious interlude “Bobdey v. Rubox”. Sprinkled here and there are synth riffs, which are sparse but noticeable in a good way, that I wish they used more of it. The range of variations demonstrate titofelix’s openness to and aptitude for experimentation.

There is no doubt titofelix is a good band. However while they prove they can dabble in several styles, I feel they may do it too much that their distinct style is more difficult to sift out. They stick to the familiar of each different style to the extent that they risk sounding generic. Nevertheless, the skill they exhibit in “All Good Things…” merits notice. My favorites: “A Way to Everything”,” Me, You and Her Hammock”, and “Anak”.

marisol lazaro