Marisol “Murdasol” Lazaro hits us up with some reviewage of The Visionaries’ latest, We Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For)

The VisionariesWe Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For) (2006), Hip-Hop, Up Above Records

With their fourth album titled We Are the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For) the Visionaries enter in the scene once again, with the hopeful idealism their names suggest and the confidence that their status as veteran artists grant them. Their first track, “All We Need” takes an optimistic initial step into the album, which is comprised of such songs that speak of their resolve to improve the masses through their music. In some songs they express their hope to put some positivity back into rap: “Fingers blister still writing the truth/y’all take that bling we takin’ back the youth”, while in other songs they speak of getting by in the city, war, world issues.

Throughout the album one can see the influence of various artists, such as in “Do Gooders” where the haunting beats are reminiscent of Wu-Tang, “Smash Music” of Black Star, “The Moreye” of Common, and throughout quite a bit of De La. I also can’t shake off the way Danno’s got a voice that sounds so much like the rappers from Camp Lo. Of course, they manage to maintain their own styles throughout. Listening to how 2 Mex lays his rhythms doesn’t get old, and the background beats are refreshingly different.

At times this album does have its shortcomings. “Crop Circles” sounds like an attempt to be the type of track you’d dance to (or, break dance to), but in this respect it falls short. The stale background and beats are much like some songs you’ve listened to before. As they do in most of their tracks, they have a hook where they have this chant-y chorus where they all sing along together, and my opinion, this is done faaaaar too much on this album. As both a compliment and not, listening to the way the rappers of Visionaries flow in “Crop Circles” are the only reason why you’d be moving your head along to it. Overall though, We Are the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For) is worth a listen.

marisol lazaro