Our in-house hip-hop head, Bihn Kim, continues the coverage of Chan’s Politickin’.

ChanPolitickin’ Vol. 1 (2006), Hip-Hop, Dynasty Muzik

Back before a bogus jail sentence and a senseless murder, Ras Kass and Big L met up at the height of their careers in some apartment building in the Bronx
to just chill and smoke a blunt. Meanwhile, Chan was sittin’ in the apartment above doing homework and watching cartoons, maybe having a little cereal. Because the insulation in the building was so shitty, the exhale smoke from the blunt rose through the cracks of the floor and enveloped little Chan in some crazy rap-skill-hotbox or something.

That’s pretty much the only way I can explain how Chan’s delivery comes so hard on this album. And though his style is of the established I’ll-pick-your-name-out-the-phonebook-and-murder-you school of rap, there’s very much an Asian-ness that keeps Chan standing out on his own. I can honestly say this was the first time I heard an artist name-drop Korean food and dog-eating.

But despite his intimacy and dedication to his heritage and history, Chan is definitely at his best when sticking to battle raps and that late-90s hip-hop flavor. In conclusion, this album is big in beats, big in rhymes, and big in Japan.

bihn kim