reports that Avril Lavigne’s latest release to the iTunes Music Store, “Girlfriend”, contains an unexpected surprise; there are seven versions of the song, three of which are performed in different languages – Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. actually has a download link to the Chinese version – unfortunately, only the chorus is translated – so drop by and check it out.

Having redeemed a two-year-old iTunes Music Store gift card yesterday to buy Tila Tequila’s “I Love U”, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to spend another $0.99 on the Japanese version. The chorus goes something like:

hey, hey, ano ko (wa imaichi)
ne, ne, atara(shii ga hitsuyou)
hey, hey, atashi (no te ja nai) ?

hey, hey, watashi (ni ha wakatteru)
no, way, no way (himitsu ja nai)
hey, hey, atashi (ga nadeageru) ?

I can’t tell if it’s my listening comprehension or her Japanese, but I seem to have a slight discrepancy with her English translation. That last line sounds like she’s singing about comb-overs, not wanting to be someone’s girlfriend (nadeageru – to comb back). Anyone know what on Earth she’s trying to say there?