Some of you have been following the Kenneth Eng controversy over the last few weeks; for those of you not in the know, basically, a guy named Kenneth Eng, self-proclaimed “God of the Universe”, has managed to publish three essays in AsianWeek, a San Francisco-based publication devoted to serving the Bay Area Asian American community, entitled “Why I Hate Black People”, “Why I Hate White People”, and “Why I Hate Asian People”, respectively. All of them sparked an uproar in certain circles, which has led to a bunch of assorted local people-of-color groups patting each other on the back in mutual condemnation of this nutjob. Anyway, FOX News decided to interview Mr. Eng, with hilarious results; apparently, racism is okay because of CYBORG DRAGONS IN THE MIDDLE AGES. Enjoy:

YouTube – Kenneth Eng

Also, API performance artist Kristina Wong posted a tinfoil-laden response on YouTube, which is also worth watching.

You know what hurts the most about this? AsianWeek TURNED MY ARTICLE PITCHES DOWN.

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