I had no idea that people who lost on American Idol were that newsworthy, but if it’s good enough for the San Jose Mercury News, who cared enough to check in on him a week or so after he got voted off the show, it’s good enough for us. From the article:

Another factor may have been his well-publicized habit of singing with bare feet, which he says makes him feel free on stage: “They all thought it was some gimmick, which it wasn’t,” said Kim, who calls himself shy, “but I guess it was portrayed that way on the show.”

Still, if it was possible, he would like one more chance to show America that he can really sing. His last performance, he says, was “half-dead.”

“Just one last performance for America, that says, hey look, this is what I sound like.”

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San Jose Mercury News – `American Idol’: Paul Kim taking it slow in Saratoga