Most of today’s links are on YouTube, so I figured it’d make more sense to put them all into one news post.

First comes the music video and making-of documentary for “HYPED”, a rock/rap collaboration track by Prime and Woody Pak, released by Chaos Theory Music. Check it out here. And thanks to Angry Asian Man for the heads-up.

Second is a long-overdue link for a live recording of the Claremont Shades, an acapella group from the Claremont Colleges, starring one Michael Kim in an awesome rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”. It’s hot – now all we need is a studio recording. Right here.

Third is a MySpace video of Lyrics Born at UC Santa Barbara, here.

Fourth is a music video from Look Daggers, a collaboration between 2Mex from the Visionaries and Ikey Owens from Mars Volta. It’s called “Call You Later”. Interesting.

Last is a video sent in by one Ted M. of a track by Leo “Orangachang” Chang starring a whole bunch of random white guys from U of Missouri, “Look At This Guy”, which has the dubious honor of making it on the top ten. Fun stuff, but sorry, Orangachang, I think Chuckie Akenz and V-Unit have a little more street cred on you guys. Needs more machete.

pat m.