For those of you who haven’t freed yourselves from the shackles of mainstream hip-hop, I present to you the best dissection of Mims’s billboard chart-topper, “This Is Why I’m Hot”, complete with flow charts and Venn diagrams.

This is why “This Is Why Im Hot” is hot: Because its hot. There are of course other reasons the breakout single from Mims, a Washington Heights rapper who intends to carry New York hip-hop on his back and restore us to glory, is hot. It ascended to number one on Billboards Hot 100, for example, and topped iTunes singles chart as well. But consider these other, purer, more intangible reasons why its hot, best explained by Mims himself over the course of the song. Where appropriate, we will back him up with visual aids.

Mims’s “This Is Why Im Hot”: A Graphical Dissertation on Americas Number One Song by Rob Harvilla