Caught from and Digital Music News:

Tila Tequila has the most friends on MySpace with nearly 1.7 million, but that popularity has not yet translated into meaningful iTunes purchases. According to data relayed by media tracking firm BigChampagne, the Tequila single, “I Love U,” has delivered a lackluster performance so far. In a conversation with Digital Music News on Monday, BigChampagne chief executive Eric Garland pointed to iTunes sales volumes that were “in the thousands,” though exact figures were not disclosed. Since its release in late February, the single has failed to cross into the top 50, though it did break the top 100 barrier shortly after its release. The best chart position came on March 1st, when the single danced into the 52nd slot. That performance follows heavy online promotional activity from Tequila, including a large amount of dedicated real estate on the artist’s MySpace page.

Shame on you guys. Apparently she’s also somewhat disappointed in MySpace for preventing her from selling her music directly through her MySpace page. Poor thing.

In other news, Tila’s daily eatings are newsworthy for some magazines out there. You know how she maintains that girlish figure? Five Red Bulls a day, and ketchup on the omelettes.

pat m.