Angry Asian Man posted a few pretty awesome pieces on this American Idol underdog. First up is a blog entry called Bringing Balance To The Force:

Just as Anakin became Vader and hunted down the Jedi, we too must hope Sanjaya wins and vote for him. With him as Idol, American music will lose all respect. Then, a true Rebel Alliance will be able to finally take root. Eventually this alliance will defeat the “Idol Worshippers” by establishing a movement of people that listen only to good music and turns off all reality shows forever (except The Pussycat Dolls show).

I forsee that IF Sanjaya survives, he is the one that will bring Balance to the Force. Do not complain. Accept it. He is the mythical Hero With a Thousand Faces. We have all been waiting for him.

Also: a hunger strike. To get him voted off. Ouch.

pat m.