A new API record label called “Born In Chinese” released a CD full of music by Asian American artists, including Jay Legaspi, Eugene Song (who is also the label head), and Johnny Hi-Fi. Proceeds go half to the label and half to the artists. More info from the Born In Chinese homepage:

CompilAsian is, simply put, a collection of Asian American music. As a music lover, I am proud to call many of these artists my friends. As an Asian American musician, I am honored to call them all my colleagues. I hope you enjoy listening to this compilation as much as I have enjoyed making it. And please, if any of these songs move you in any way, reach out to the artists, buy their CDs, tell all your friends about them… or just blast the music really loud from your stereo.

These artists originate from around the country and the music spans rock, pop, R&B, acoustic, and singer-songwriter genres. From the alternative power-pop of Johnny Hi-Fi and the synth rock of Blip Blip Bleep, to the jazz infused vocal stylings of Cynthia Lin and the indie acoustic sounds of Big Phony, CompilAsian represents a sampling of the incredible talent that the Asian American music community has to offer. This collection has something for everyone.

Go consume at the link below! You can try out all the tracks, and buy it for $12 if you are so inclined.

Born In Chinese – CompilAsian