Rather than pretend I actually know what’s going on, I’ll just admit that I found this one out from Angry Asian Man. “Seriously”, a band that won last November’s Kollaboration 2007 talent show, has a making-of reality show coming out on the Chaos Theory Music label’s website. From the site itself:

Check out the trailer for Seriously’s ‘Making Of’ Reality Series on the Chaos Theory Music website. The trailer is also posted on the Chaos Theory Music YouTube channel. A close friend of the members of Seriously, Alex Park, has been busy following the Seriously guys around to capture all the drama they have been going through from winning the Kollaboration Talent Show in LA last November until the release of their first upcoming EP album! See how they cope, hear what they think, and follow the drama, including all the conflicts with the supposed ‘evil boss lady’ of Chaos Theory Music! The first webisode will be airing on April 10th exclusively at the Chaos Theory Music website, and we will be rolling out two episodes per week, every Tuesday and Friday. Be sure to stay updated by checking back to our site frequently!

More information at Chaos Theory Music, linked below.

(Seriously. Who names a band after an adverb?)

Seriously’s ‘Making Of’ Reality Series at Chaos Theory Music

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