I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but Oliver Wang over at Poplicks.com had a neat piece on APIs in American Idol and in the recording industry, punctuated with a track called “Brand New Day” by S.O.T.O (Something Out of The Ordinary / Sons Of The Orient) that is kind of neat. From the post:

That said, “Brand New Day” is worth a listen for the ways in which it expresses the frustrations (and hope) that a lot of Asian American artists likely feel. Sure, it’s not the most sophisticated songwriting ever and yeah, the backing track is the instrumental to Xzibit’s “Paparazzi” (you can hear the shutterclicks at the beginning) but that unintentionally nods to the way in which the notion of “Asian American music” is largely a mesh of creativity and adaptation. There’s no real organic “sound” that our community can claim as its own but artists have proven quite flexible to adjusting to what’s out there in the public, whether it was folk in the 1970s, jazz in the 1980s and hip-hop and R&B since the 1990s.

Read the rest, and scoop the song, at the link below.

Poplicks.com: THE ANTHEM?

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