Marisol “Murdasol” Lazaro opens up coverage on Notorious MSG’s newest release, Lunch Money.

Notorious MSG, Lunch Money (2007), Hip Hop, Cordless Recordings

You’re kidding me. 
No, really.
Ohh yes. 
The Notorious MSG so very recently (i.e., April 3, last week) comes out with the six-track Lunch Money with such an entrance that is only best described in heir own words, taken from their official website, :

Warning: this lunch is being served SO GODDAMNED HOT that it’ll burn the hair off your reproductive organs. Wedge it between the crack of your ass and watch the MSG heat obliterate the dingleberries orbiting your black hole. Can you hear the sizzle?

Lunch Money seriously exceeds the ability to be evaluated in the way most other albums are.  To discuss the music on the audio aesthetic level, and go into deep analysis of the lyrics is to neglect to pause and think, “Wait…these guys could not be serious…”  Okay, they could be.  But if I’m wrong I’ll take you up on that wedging challenge. 

Anyway, I enjoyed Lunch Money. Of course I was wrought with confusion at times.  They rap and sing with accents and broken English, with lyrics that rhyme in that clichéd manner- which can be hilarious, ridiculous, or cringe-worthy.  A couple gems I gathered from the opening of kung-fu soundtrack style “China Town Hustler”:

“ Mutha fucka we’re back/msg with the hard track/lyrical kings so cutting off your nut sac/I feel no pain/ I’m insane/ smoke your ass and eat a bowl of chow mein”

And another, of the ballad “Dim Sum Girl”, comprised of karaoke-quality synths:

“Why you got to tease me baby/you drivin me crazy/you used to be so sweet and now you’re treating me so sour.” 

They’ve also invented a new word too, “muthabitches”, as in the 90’s “Jumparound”-like track, “No Good Muthabitches”.  I mean if you think real hard about it you could say they could be inventing another type of ebonics or something with their alternative usage of American grammar and language (also “godzirra”, etc.).  Thank you, liberal arts education, for providing me that one. 

And, you caaan ask, if, with their accents and poor grammar,they might be reinforcing stereotypes of the Asian American/immigrant trying to act all hard and looking like wannabes or some junk like that.  But really, looking at the words they throw down, you have to admit how smart they really are.  They have to know what they’re doing. 
Handsome Boy Modeling School comes to mind when I listen to Lunch Money, especially their song “Modeling Sucks”.  Both are hilarious, but they maintain some credibility to them. 
There.  My review, also being served to you piping hot. You see, I, being so fascinated with Lunch Money, felt compelled to sit down and write my review after listening to the first track.    Ridiculous, insane, confusing, captivating, Lunch Money is pretty entertaining.
marisol lazaro