Bakari Kitwana, author of “The Hip Hop Generation”, wrote an interesting – and possibly controversial – article on the latest shock-jock racist bullshit surrounding Don Imus and the connection between Hip Hop and racist language. From the article:

When Don Imus put his foot in his mouth on the air last week with a dirty and derogatory reference to young black women, he was articulating a message that had been clearly voiced by Michael Richards, Rush Limbaugh and countless others long before him. Ditto the white law students at the University of Connecticut who donned big booties and blackface this year on Martin Luther King Day, as well as the rash of undergraduates across the country, from Michigan to South Carolina, who somehow imagine that hosting “pimp and ho parties”is a good idea.

That message is this: The aesthetics of hip-hop culture – from the language and clothing to the style and sensibility – can be absorbed into American popular culture like any other disposable product without any effort or responsibility on the part of the consumer.

Check out the rest of the article at the link below.

The style, but not the substance –