The multitalented Kero One has come out with a new mix CD called Uptempo’s How We Keeps It. Check it out at Turntable Lab dot com – here’s the description.

Kero the hero. Dude keeps things in check when it comes to tasteful grooves and spirit-raising funk and jazz. Don’t know too much about him personally, but through his singles and lyrics you can sense that his passion for the music comes first. Here is his first mix, hence the name “Kero The DJ,” resting the mic and sampler to bring you his personal favorites. You might recognize names like Marc de Clive Lowe, Bakura, Sabrina Malheiros, Keb Darge and Wajeed, all mixed together to represent Kero’s moods. Picture a gorgeous rooftop party with plenty of beautiful women, crushed into CD form. Over an hour long.

It runs $11 from the link below.