Well, my other blog is happy that there were no traces of video games on the Virginia Tech shooter’s computer, but apparently he had a thing for “Shine” from Collective Soul, according to The Village Voice:

Should be a day or two before they add “Shine” to the pantheon of the deranged alongside The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” (which Charles Manson claimed to be the diagram for the coming apocalypse after directing the Tate and Labianca murders), U2’s “Exit” (which Robert John Bardo claimed drove him to kill My Sister Sam actress Rebecca Schaeffer), Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution” (one of the many songs nineteen-year-old John McCollum listened to in the Osbourne canon before shooting himself in the head in 1984), and KMFDM’s “Son of the Gun” (the Columbine douches). KMFDM had to go as far as put out a public statement in the wake of those school shootings.

Huh. Not really a rage-inspiring song, really. Read more about music and people who shoot people at the Village Voice, linked below.

The Village Voice: Sound of the City

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