The UCLA Asia Institute’s Rowena Aquino has a neat breakdown of the recently released Compliasian Mix CD, courtesy of the Made In Chinese label. From the article:

As an APA contributing writer whose obsession apart from cinema is music, it’s always a bit discouraging that few articles on Asian/Asian American music grace the online pages of the journal. That is to say, pop or contemporary music as opposed to classical music, for which coverage and a more streamlined recognition can be safely said to exist, here and elsewhere. Is it simply because there are just not a handful of Asian American music communities worth writing about, let alone to listen to? Maybe, but perhaps we’re (I mean me) not looking — and listening — hard enough between the cracks of the Billboard charts and mainstream concert circuits to realize that there are indeed developing, talented Asian American musicians out there that are making, if not highly original, at least interesting and promising music.

More at the link below.

Asia Pacific Arts: A Primer on Current Asian American Music?

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