So that curiously-named new label by Eugene Song, Born In Chinese, released a compilation album of API artists a few weeks ago called Compilasian. Well, we at Ninja Pants finally got to work on reviewing it, but we weren’t quite sure how to handle reviewing a mix CD, so we decided to, ah, improvise over a few shots of tasty tequila in my living room. The next week or so will see the rest of our efforts, but for now, here’s my own contribution. Enjoy, and keep checking by throughout the week!

Track 1 – This Is The Song – Johnny Hi-Fi

This is the song for
The end of a mix cd
Why is it up first?

Track 2 – Dying Unaware – Big Phony

Acoustic guitar
Combined with a crooner’s voice
Is kinda boring

Track 3 – This Fever – Isul Kim

I think I’m in love
With a lounge singer’s brown eyes
So is Vincent Chen

Track 4 – A Little While Longer – Blip Blip Bleep

It would be nice if
This song was a little bit
Less repetitive

Track 5 – Two Separate Pictures – The Ides

This song is epic
And deliciously eighties
Woe is me, it sucks

Track 6 – Photo Love – Koo Chung

“Photo love” sounds nice
Good romance movie title
The song, not so much

Track 7 – The Lament – Alfa

Photo Love is in my head
Nothing comes to mind

Track 8 – Skipping in NYC – Cynthia Lin

Her sing-songy voice
Evokes a too-cute couple
Kissing in the street

Track 9 – Abraham – The Francis Kim Band

When all else fails
Make obscure comparisons
Goodbye, writer’s block

Track 10 – Path of Least Resistance – Annie Lin

Asian people love
Playing cello like Ken Oak (link to reviews)
But it works this time

Track 11 – Try.Wait – Jay Legaspi

Hopeless romantic
Or emo friend from high school?
Decide for yourself

Track 12 – Valerie – Eugene Song

All kind of melt together
No exception here

pat m.