The homies over at Boston Progress Radio have an awesome new feature entitled “7 Mainstream Artists You Thought Were Asian But Aren’t”. From the article:

2. Jay-Z
I think I can trace the origins of this one. At some point, an article in A. Magazine wrote an article that had something to do with music, and included a sidebar claiming Jay-Z was half Filipino. I remember the exact moment I read it, in a classroom at UMass-Boston, and I remember doubting it right away. My guess is this falsehood cropped up because of Jay-Z’s description of Foxy Brown on “Ain’t No N—,” in which he said she was “fresh to death in Moschino/Coach bag, looking half Black and Filipino”. Someone must have thought he was talking about himself. By the way, turns out Foxy isn’t Filipino either, but is of Indo-Trinidadian descent. Although, I seem to remember her saying she was Chinese Jamaican at some point. Eh, identity’s fluid right?

More myth-debunking at Boston Progress Radio, linked below.

boston progress radio » 7 Mainstream Artists You Thought Were Asian but Aren’t

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