AArisings updated their review section for the season’s latest releases, including the Compilasian album and Notorious MSG’s Lunch Money (which is actually covered by our very own Vincent Chen). From the Compilasian review:

Nearly all of the songs are mid-tempo, guitar-oriented pieces starting with Johnny Hi-Fi’s “This Is The Song” and ending with Eugene Song’s “Valerie.” Highlights of the album? I’d say give all 12 tracks a listen but I personally enjoyed Koo Chung’s “Photo Love” (which reminded me of my music business days growing up in the 80’s) and The Francis Kim Band’s “Abraham” (I’ve been a Francis Kim Band fan for awhile now).

I thought I’d take a moment to reference our own reviews of “Photo Love” and “Abraham”:

Track 6 – Photo Love – Koo Chung

“Photo love” sounds nice
Good romance movie title
The song, not so much

Track 9 – Abraham – The Francis Kim Band

When all else fails
Make obscure comparisons
Goodbye, writer’s block

Check ’em out at the link below.

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