Magnetic North announced today that their debut album is no longer in print because they couldn’t get the licenses needed for the sample they used in “Drift Away”.

So what sample was it? If you hadn’t already guessed – Drift Away.  It was definitely a blow to us to have to pull our song, especially because we had only used 1 1/2 lines from the original.  Everything else including the verses, the rest of the chorus, the guitar, the drums, the entire instrumental was our own making.  Putting that piece of “Drift Away” in the song was more a sentimental reason than anything else… the original “Drift Away” is one of our fave songs.

Anyway, we mentioned rebirth earlier ‘cuz that’s what you have to do when you’re struck down.  So we revised “Drift Away”, took out every lil thing that could even minusculy seem like a sample, shined it up all nice with some new engineering and mastering and you know what?  We like it better than the older version.  We hope that ya’ll will too.

Check out the rest of the blog entry at the link below, or stop by their MySpace for the new song, “Within the Rhythm”.

pat m.