Everybody’s favorite sexy voice – er, I mean, Lyrics Born – has a new interview posted up on his MySpace blog. Here’s a chunk:

Let me ask you about Same Shit, Different Day because a lot of people tend to view remix albums as just something for DJs to lay down when they’re either spinning at a party or making a mixtape. But, it’s noticeable that a lot of people seemed to embrace the album as a whole. Were you meticulous when you chose who to remix the tracks?

I definitely was because when you talk about what you’re first perception of a remix album is I was trying to avoid that. I didn’t want people to look at it like “Oh well, this is just a bunch of shitty songs that were put together in an effort to sell records.” I wanted to make an album like Same Shit Different Day feel like a new album. When I did my first album [Later That Day] there were a couple of outside producers but for the most part I did it entirely myself. I didn’t want it to feel like that. I wanted it to feel like there were a lot of other influences involved because Later That Day was not that way. So yeah, I was very selective about who I got to remix it, and very selective about whom I wanted to work with and what vocalists I wanted to work with on the album. It needed to feel a little less conceptual than Later That Day but still feel like a whole cohesive album.

Read up on the rest of LB’s interview at his MySpace blog, linked below.


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