Murdasol follows up on coverage of Valerie Chang’s extended play EP.

Valerie Chang, extended play EP, Indie Rock

Track uno. “I’ve Got” is the right opener for this short EP. I like how the song itself begins. It’s got a catchy quality to it, a sort of rock songwriter’s song that’s single-worthy. It gets things going, and sounds like she is determined to get the message to her lover across. I find it infectious though it’s not really outstanding or unique. What I like about this song is the way she spaces out the phrases “I’ve got my love/I’ve got my unsuspecting/ fears of your love” and matches them to a melody that you can easily warm up to. In other words, it flows nicely, and is possibly my favorite among the tracks.

I like to imagine “Goodbye Kiss” being played while you’re driving down a windy road in the moonlight. In a VW Jetta. Thank you corporate America media for providing me with that one. It’s about giving a goodbye kiss, if you didn’t catch on. It’s got that type of romantic sweet contemplation to it that some might find sappy. I like this sappy though. Again, this track is nothing new but I find it quite easy on the ears.

At the opening of “Note From Jailbird,” I thought my music player was playing songs from another artist. This song plays a shmidgen faster a bit more frenetic than her previous more calmer introspective-like songs. Think rocker girl/indie angst. I’m not as crazy about this song as I am the previous two, for the reason that the tune and her style of singing are annoying here. The same goes for her last song as well. What gets me is that when she emphasizes certain notes at regular intervals, she goes off key. It seems like it is intentional, like it was her style to do so, but it was annoying. Annoying in the way someone sitting by you keeps singing this discordant tune over and over again- it drives you nuts, like you’re on a boat that makes these annoying intermittent lurches every off beat, or as in “Cold Jeans,” in a slow 6/8 time. Slow or fast, those lurches make you uneasy. Also while listening to “Notes from Jailbird” I was imagining this dispassionate expression on the singer’s face despite the frenzied mood of the song. Where was the passion? Was her emotionlessness preventing her from hitting those weighty notes on-key? I wondered. I pondered. I wondered how crazy it is that “wondered” is one letter away from “pondered”. I mean they virtually mean the same thing, but they are pronounced so differently! Amazing.

Well, anyway, Val Chang was a sort of 50/50 for me. I don’t think the last two songs are unlistenable, but they don’t have the repeat quality that the first two songs have. As for those two tracks, I’ll be a-holding on to them and listening to them after my review. While I wonder about pondering and wondering. Or the other way around.

marisol lazaro