Vince spits hot fiya RE: the As-Seen-On-TV APA indie rock band Seriously’s self-titled debut EP release. Check it out:

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The self-titled EP by the band Seriously is a Sunday afternoon, light breeze collection of cookie cutter, bubblegum pop rock. One wouldn’t be surprised to catch a tune of their’s like “Fireflies” or “Dare I Say” during a touching moment on a teen drama of the 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek variety. The album has a very high school groove to it. The band pushes the nostalgia bug on you after a few guitar strokes and the entrance of the sandy vocals, but fades just about as quickly because all the songs drag on a bit too long and sound like some song you heard before already.

Lead vocalist Christopher Pham sings between a reassuring familiarity that nicely echoes the group’s subject matter and the ordinary generic flavor of a coffee shop’s house band that you and your friends thought were okay. The lyrics, guitar riffs, and snare beats are nothing you haven’t heard from plenty of other acts out there. Seriously isn’t bad by any means, there are very “meeh” in every sense of the word. It seems Seriously finds a place more among a mainstream, safer style along the lines of a John Mayer, which plenty of people eat up gladly. But for a soul that’s looking for a fresh sound or double-taking your ears on a great line of songwriting? Look elsewhere, friend.

vincent chen