Seriously, Seriously, Vincent Chen

Manny Garcia, Story of My Life, Theodore Ko

Editor’s Note 7.1.2007: On Asian American Music

Vince Asks: Are Ninja Pants Writers Racist?

Valerie Chang – extended play, Tina Kang, Marisol Lazaro

Pat Miller’s Adidas Superstar IIs, Pat Miller

Compilasian, Pat Miller

Surprise Surprise, UnderDawg, Vincent Chen, Matty Wise

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Notorious MSG, Lunch Money EP, Marisol Lazaro, Vincent Chen

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Editor’s Note 3.31.06: On Chinese Freestyles and Keyboard Warriors

Kevin So, A Brighter Day, Marisol Lazaro, Tina Kang

Editor’s Note 3.9.07: Avril Lavigne, Tila Tequila, and Asian America

Tila Tequila, “I Love U” single, Staff

Thao Nguyen, Like the Linen, Vincent Chen, Marisol Lazaro,Matty Wise

Kero One, Windmills of the Soul, Tina Kang, Stephen Magee

Chan, Politickin’ Vol. 1, Marisol Lazaro, Bihn Kim, Vincent Chen

Ken Oak Band, Vienna to Venice, Steve Magee, Matty Wise

Asobi Seksu, Citrus, Tina Kang, Vincent Chen,, Matty Wise

The Visionaries, We Are The Ones (We’re Looking For) (2006), Marisol Lazaro

Lyrics Born, Overnite Encore, Vincent Chen, Bihn Kim

titofelix, All Good Things…, Marisol Lazaro, Matty Wise