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Kero One posted a neat t-shirt on his MySpace that ties into his upcoming Plug Label mix-tape and is available for $16. From the bulletin:

Who can deny the power and soul of the fender Rhodes keyboard? Used on countless recordings from soul greats like stevie wonder, jazz players like bob james, to hiphop producers like j-dilla and pete rock. This t-shirt/hoodie payes homage while representing the underground hiphop/electronic imprint “plug label”.This shot was taken from the inside of Kero’s windmills of the soul cd sleeve.

A picture of the actual Rhodes that helped pave the plug label sound into underground fame! S,M,L,XL available in Black, eggplant, brown, navy blue colored shirts.

Go check it out here.


We haven’t really done this before, but since most of us Ninja Pants staff writers have successfully transitioned from College Student to Broke, we figured that if reviewing music got us free music, maybe we could review other shit to get that for free, too. So I’m going to start writing about stuff I own and like, or maybe don’t like so much, in the hopes that I could get that kind of stuff for free, too.

Adidas Superstar II Sneakers ($59.99)

I was showing fellow Ninja Pants writers Steve Magee and Vincent Chen around San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, and had the good luck to encounter a brand new (tag still attached/probably stolen) pair of Adidas Superstar IIs in the local Buffalo Exchange. Size 13s (I’m a big guy) rarely occur in used clothing stores, especially size 13s worth buying, and as it happened, there were not one, but two pretty cool looking size-13-kicks at the store, the Superstar IIs and some black and gold Puma something or another. So, I did what I do when this kind of situation comes up: call NINJA PANTS SUPERFRIEND David Saetang.

“Dave,” I say to him in a serious tone usually reserved for bar-fights and taco-eating, “I need your help.”

“Hey Pat, what’s up-”

“I need you to help me decide on shoes. Adidas Superstar IIs or black-and-gold-Puma somethings?”

“Go with the Superstar IIs.”


adidas superstars

Thirty bucks for a clean, crisp pair of kicks. They’re a pretty timeless look for a sneaker – nothing too fancy, especially considering I got the ones with black stripes – that is, I understand, an update to the ’70s-era Superstars of yore. A recent tour through the Berkeley Buffalo Exchange yielded several Superstar imitations – four stripes, hi-tops, all kinds of other variations from other brands – but there’s nothing quite like the original. Or in this case, uh, a copy of the original, right down to the signature clamshell tip of the shoe. Which, according to David, gets dirty faster than the rest of the shoe, but I guess there’s some kind of special shit I can get to clean it with. We’ll see how that goes. As far as size goes, it’s a more narrow kind of sneaker, so those of you with wide feet might need to move up a size or something. But at $30, they were a steal, and I imagine for those of you out there with real jobs, they could be worth $60 to you.

Come to think of it, maybe they were worth $60 to you, and then they got stolen and sold to Buffalo Exchange, where I bought them for $30, in which case, I’ll sell them back to you for $60, since they were clearly worth $60 to you when you bought them.


pat m.