The brave staff of Ninja Pants:

editor in chief

Patrick (“tokenminorities/pattheflip”) Miller

staff writers

Vincent (“V-Chizzy”) Chen; Uncanny ability to converse with burritos. Enjoyed a very short stint as a hip-hop emcee. Played guitar and sang backup vocals for Frank and the Waterbellies. Possesses no musical talent, but can dish audio critiques like Slug drops rhymes. In love with Kobe Bryant. 

Bihn Kim; Fuck your life

Marisol (“Murda-sol”/ “M. Sol”) Lazaro; Singer/writer of Frank and the Waterbellies. Artsy, fartsy. Spacey. Masterful inventor of the quack sneeze.

Matty Wise; lead singer/writer of Frank and the Waterbellies, bell choir extraordinaire, aspiring children’s novelist. Favorite Pastime(s): beer pong, stabbing campers in the back, reaching enlightenment through masturbation

Chelsea Yamabe; music team of crack heads

Stephen Magee; wooooo token white guy

Ms. Christina (“call me Tina”) Kang; failed Asian American musical/athletic/academic prodigy extrordanaire. Currently obsessed with getting lost in her thoughts mid-night food cookery, deep aim profile analyses, writing out lists that I never follow, and clipping toenails by candle-light.

resident graphics designer

Wendy Liang

myspace junkie

Kevin Shih